Monday | February 1, 2016

Cleanse Day 4

Day Four is officially DONE!!! Whoo hoo… More than half way!! Today I mixed it up a bit (which is okay according to Dr. Junger). We had a family dinner tonight so I saved my “solid” meal for dinner instead of lunch. And knowing I may cheat a little I also kept my liquid meals light. I made my own green juice for breakfast and lunch! We had a Mediterranean meal, so I had some brown rice, hummus with carrots and celery, and tabouli. I did cheat a little with a few bites of steak and some stuffed cabbage! But I did pass on cake and ice cream (go me)!!!!

I have heard a lot of negative comments from people about green juices, and them not tasting good. But I have to say I love this recipe! It’s actually really good! Use a juicer if you can!

1 whole cucumber, 2 Granny Smith apples, 1 lemon (peel removed), 4 celery stalks, 5-6 leaves of kale and 1 inch of fresh ginger.



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