Wednesday | February 3, 2016

Final Cleanse Day

I made it!! Today is day 7 of my cleanse and I am finishing it out strong!! Shake for breakfast, artichoke millet risotto for lunch and some curried butternut squash soup for dinner!

Although I don’t always enjoy the process, I do really like to do a weeklong cleanse once a year to give my body a rest! Your body is constantly working to rid itself of toxins that we put into it. You may not even know something is toxic or inflamatory until you take it away! Unless you are a super healthy eater year-round, I think it’s good for everyone to clean their systems out and hit reset, so to speak!

If you are going to embark on a cleanse, my advice is to stay busy! If you have that closet that needs to be cleaned out, or rooms that need to be reorganized, this is the week to do it!! ¬†Also, try to save your cleanse for a week when you don’t have many social obligations. It is really hard to stick to your cleanse plan if you are out to dinner with friends! Lastly, there is always shopping to take your mind off your cleanse!!! :)

If you have time, read the Clean book before you cleanse. It’s a quick read and really explains well what is means to eat clean and to do a cleanse properly!


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