Monday | July 13, 2015

Potty Training!

This week I begin my most dreaded task of being a mother… Potty Training!! It is a must do task that I have never enjoyed! In fact, I have never met another mom that has actually been excited about potty training. Last week I casually mentioned to a few of my mommy friends that my youngest would be getting rid of his diapers, and a look of sympathy passed over each of their faces! Before having children, I never thought I would talk so openly about poop! We of course rehashed the horror stories of training our older children… the near misses, the stories of being in public when our child finally decided to “go” in his pants, etc! I was told to go forth with lots of wine stockpiled!!

I hate the mess, the repetition of sitting on the potty every fifteen or twenty minutes for hours on end, and most of all I can’t stand being confined to the house for days on end!!

But it is of course a rite of passage for every child! And as much as I am dreading this Monday morning start, I am also experiencing a bittersweet feeling because this will be my last time potty training. There will be no more diapers at our house in the coming weeks, and it does in some ways feel like an end to a life chapter! Bring on the wine!!




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