About Sarah

Hi Everyone!! I’m Sarah and I am currently a full time mommy. I live just outside Boston with my wonderful husband and three amazing boys. A lifetime ago, I studied Business Administration and Marketing at Boston University.
I am a city girl at heart, but we are raising our boys in the Burbs! You know… the whole house, with lots of space and a big backyard thing… because that is what’s best for the kiddos. Meanwhile, my husband and I are counting down the days until we can be back in the city!!!
In the meantime, I have decided to birth a fourth child, The Pink Daily! Like most moms of boys, I need some Pink in my life!! I need to decorate, shop for pretty things and dream of future trips, to offset the complete chaos of muddy shoes, ketchup smudges, Legos and rough housing that comes with little boys! I also hope to share some good recipes, tips and advice that I have learned along the way!

Thanks for visiting!!!