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Wednesday | June 10, 2015

Planting Pots

I love flowers but I am definitely not someone who naturally has a green thumb! I try my best but sometimes, okay most of the time, I forget to water my potted plants. Thank God for automatic sprinklers… at least I know my plants in the ground are getting water every day!

That said, I do plant flowers in big urns at my front door every summer. I do this every year and hope that I remember to water them! So lets get started…

I always use Miracle-Gro potting mix. It is probably the same thing as regular dirt, but I definitely buy into it’s claim that your flowers will grow twice as big! And even if they don’t, whats the harm!!


This year I am going with a purple theme because I loved the Salvia ‘Marcus’. I usually pick a flower that I love and build off it by adding other flowers that will complement it. This year I picked up some Salvia, Spreading Petunias, Petunias, and Coleus.

I start by filling a smaller pot that will fit into my urn. DON’T fill your urn with dirt… I learned this the hard way and the urn split right down the side from all the extra weight!

IMG_0011_2                            IMG_0012_2

So, fill the smaller pot with your potting mix or dirt. Take your largest plant, in my case the Salvia, and make sure the base of the plant comes to the top of your pot. You want all the greenery and flowers peeking out of the pot! You might need to add more potting mix underneath if this is not the case.

I usually go by size from largest to smallest plant when planting my pots, also keeping in mind color configurations and where you want each plant to end up. As the plants get smaller, keep adding more potting mix to fill in your gaps! Here is my finished product!


Try to water once a day… even twice a day on those hot and humid ones!! If I can remember, I like to water my plants in the morning before the day really heats up so the water has time to soak in! Happy planting!!! And DON’T FORGET to water!


Thursday | June 4, 2015

Getting Organized

Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a love for jewelry! Especially the kind that sparkles! I can remember sneaking into my mom’s room to look at her stash! She had an entire dresser drawer full of little boxes. I would go through every box, and even though I had probably seen each piece a hundred times, it was always a surprise as to what was inside each box. So, keeping that drawer in mind I thought it was time to organize my own jewelry!

I stopped into Target this morning and picked up these awesome acrylic containers… I thought they looked more elegant than plastic bins! And I also snagged this great gold tray and some jewelry stands. All ready to organize!


And here is the finished product!


The acrylic containers come in different sizes and fit perfectly into my drawer!



Check out Target for the stands, gold tray and the acrylic containers (similar style).