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Tuesday | September 29, 2015

Hello Fresh!!

I am super lucky that my husband likes to do the food shopping… or likes the few hours that it takes him out of the house on a Saturday afternoon! Either way, I’ll take it! I actually really dislike grocery shopping and I also dread making the list every week. So, when I got a flyer in the mail, with a coupon for three free meals, to try Hello Fresh… I jumped on it!


Hello Fresh creates all the healthy recipes, buys all the ingredients and then ships a box weekly right to your door! You even have choices. You can choose either a vegetarian box or a classic food box, and you can decide whether you want to feed two people or four people. I went with the classic box for two, and for $69 a week I get three full meals of my choice for two people. Some might think this is expensive, but it breaks down to basically $11/person per meal and everything is all organized for you which equals a huge time saver!


This was our first delivery and everything was delicious!






Friday | July 24, 2015

Friday Fun!

Workout, Mani/Pedi and Fresh Flowers! Nothing better on a Friday morning!!!


And in the spirit of being BOLD this week (check Ombre Post), I went with a Turquoise color!!! Woohoooo!!!


What’s your Friday (or weekend) ritual??