Wednesday | May 27, 2015

Couple Time

I was at a family party a few weeks ago, and someone mentioned my Auntie B’s upcoming wedding anniversary. It was going to be fifty-three years I believe. So of course my husband and I were like, wow that’s a long time! How did you make it to fifty-three!? And this was her advice… wait for it…. do stuff together!!!

How simple is that! Probably not as simple as it should be! Auntie B told us that they never do things apart. She told us to make sure we still date, because in twenty years these kids that we make our world will actually leave us… without giving it a second thought!!! She told us not to grow apart because when our kids leave, we will be stuck with each other. And it will be nice to actually know the person standing there when the kids are off living their own lives!! She also told us to always put our significant other first… even above our children.

I thought it was great advice, simple advice, and advice that could easily get pushed aside in these busy lives we lead. I love family time, but it’s not the same. Even if you have the sweetest children that never whine or cry, AND I do NOT believe you if that’s the case, it’s not the same. If the children are there, they are a distraction from one-on-one time with your spouse. So, try to do one thing every week with just your partner. It could be as simple as going to get coffee and have an uninterrupted conversation.

Here is my own bucket list for more couple time this summer!

– Do a beach day with just my husband

– Tennis match

-Red Sox game

-Summer concert

-Day of wine tasting

-See a movie together that is NOT animated

-Picnic lunch

-Sunday brunch in the city

-Bike ride

-Mini golf

-Take a cooking class together


One thought on “Couple Time

  1. Maura Meehan

    Congrats Sarah!! Love The Pink Daily!!! And that is excellent advice from your Aunt!!! It’s true…..take it from me… are off doing there own thing before you know it and then it’s just the two of you!!!! Strange how fast it goes!!!


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