Thursday | November 19, 2015

Thanksgiving Centerpieces

I love using fresh flowers on Thanksgiving Day for my centerpieces. Just remember to keep the vases relatively low… you want your guests to be able to see and speak with their neighbors across the table!  I like to start my arrangements with a fall bouquet from my local supermarket or florist.

** I highly recommend Whole Foods, they always have amazing flowers**

Next I pick up some bouquets of roses in fall hues, think oranges, yellows, and creams.


Always feed your flowers… for larger vases I would use two packets.


Since I am using a shorter vase I will need to trim the flowers to fit. Even if you are using a taller vase, you will still need to slightly trim the bottom of all your flowers. You want a fresh cut so the flowers can better absorb the water and plant food.


I put the fall bouquet into the vase first and spread the flowers out.


Then I trim and individually add the roses for the best look!



Happy Thanksgiving!!




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